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Years ago, when we first moved to the farm, we were delighted to receive 15 laying hens as a wedding gift. As our family grew and the children were able to handle the responsibilities, we bought some more hens and set up a self-serve cooler down by the road. It was rewarding to be able to share our natural, farm fresh eggs with our neighbors and friends. It means a lot to us to be able to provide healthy, all natural food to the local community.

As the children grew older, Case and Jay, our oldest sons, also began raising pastured chickens for meat. They spend many hours setting up brooders, controlling the temperature for the young chicks, and moving them to fresh pasture each day once the chicks are old enough. The superior taste and texture along with the many health benefits that come with being pastured, make it worth all the hard work.

Over time, our laying flock has grown as well. We now have 600 beautiful hens following the Angus cows around the pasture in their mobile hen houses.  Twice a day we go out to feed, water, and collect eggs.  The washing and packaging is a family effort as well.  It's a wholesome and enjoyable project we can all do together.  It is very rewarding to be able to provide our customers with beautiful farm fresh pasture raised eggs.  



All Natural, No Antibiotics, No Hormones, Non-GMO

The chickens and turkeys follow the cows around the pastures in their mobile houses, feasting on a rich diet of grass, clover, bugs, and non-GMO grains, and fertilizing the pastures as they go. This natural lifestyle in the fresh air and sunshine ensures that our hens are as healthy as they can be.  There is no need for antibiotics or anything unnatural. Besides the grass and insects they find, the chickens also eat a grain mix made of all non-GMO whole grains. This wholesome diet of pasture and whole grains, results in an amazing rich "fresh from the farm" flavor.  Furthermore, crack open one of our pastured eggs, and you can't help but notice how orange the yolk is.  That is because of all the beta-carotenes they pick up from the grass and clover they eat.

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Pasture Raised Chicken

Our chickens live a happy healthy life foraging, eating grass and searching for bugs and seeds as they move around the pastures.  Chicks are started in the brooder pens, and once their feathers have grown in, the chicks are moved out into the "chicken tractors."  "Chicken tractors" are movable pens designed to let the chickens move around the pasture, but at the same time protecting them from predators.  The "chicken tractors" are moved daily so that the chickens always have fresh grass and bugs to eat. Yes, it's a lot more work to do things the right way, but you'll appreciate the flavor and quality of these chickens.

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Pastured Eggs

Not only do they taste better, but pastured eggs are also better for you.  Pastured eggs are higher in Omega-3's, higher in vitamins, higher in beta-carotene, and lower in cholesterol, and lower in fat.  In short: more good stuff, less bad stuff.  We've all heard the saying, "you are what you eat."  The same goes for chickens.  By raising them on pasture and feeding them whole grains, they will lay an egg that is superior in quality and more nutritious.  There's simply nothing like a pasture raised egg.  You can feel good about eating these eggs.

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Thanksgiving Turkeys

Like all our poultry, our Bronze turkeys are raised on pasture.  The natural diet of grass and bugs and wholesome non-GMO grains gives these pasture raised turkeys a delightful flavor and juiciness.  Turkey must be pre-ordered and are available for pickup the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Order early, because they sell out fast!


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